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  Step 3: Adapting course book materials


Almost all course books which are currently on the market will follow a GA or StB English pronunciation syllabus. While it would be great to be able to design your own LFC materials and ignore the course book, this is unrealistic. First, it would take a very long time most of us don't have. Second, many of us have no choice but to use the course book that we are assigned for a particular course. This means that if you want to take a more ELF-oriented approach to teaching pronunciation, you'll need to be selective with the materials or course books you are teaching from. Selective in the same way as you are with other aspects of the English language and the course book.

Follow-up task:

Pick one of the course books you teach from regularly. Look at the pronunciation and listening syllabus and exercises. Think how you can adapt it following the ideas discussed in the video. Pick one particular activity on pronunciation from the course book that you're going to use in one of your future classes:

  • adapt it to suit LFC syllabus;
  • consider raising students' awareness of ELF;
  • reflect with students on why the activity was adapted;
  • make notes on how the lesson/activity went;
  • share your observations with us in the comments section.

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