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About me:

I am a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer with a decade of experience in the field. I'm really passionate about equal professional opportunities for 'native' and 'non-native speaker' teachers, and I think one way to achieve this is to prepare teachers to teach English as a global lingua franca, shifting away from the emphasis on a standard 'native speaker' model of language. This is also necessary if we are serious about helping our students to be successful users of English.

I have delivered workshops, seminars and plenary talks at conferences and events for English teachers in Europe and North America, helping teachers to rethink not only how but also which English to teach. I'd now like to share this knowledge and passion with you here on TEFL Equity Academy.

- Marek Kiczkowiak, Founder, TEFL Equity Advocates and Academy

"Without a doubt, Marek Kiczkowiak is a mover and shaker in the world of English language teaching, proof of which I need only mention his tireless advocacy for greater inclusiveness in the field, along with the innovative way he applies research into English as a lingua franca. One to watch! "

- Scott Thornbury, ELT writer and teacher trainer

"The mini course on teaching pronunciation gave me food for thought as well as some practical ideas that I'm planning to use in the classroom. The course structure is simple and clear. Moreover, you can take as much time as you need to complete it. Finally, you are encouraged to share your experience in teaching or learning pronunciation and get the feedback."

-Galina Khinchuk, English teacher from Ukraine

"English has rapidly become a language with no single national provenance and for which there are increasingly few ‘native speakers’ (even if we could accurately describe what such a term means - something we are far from being able to do). Teaching students to speak this international language - this lingua franca - is a special task and we need training to help us understand how to do it. Marek Kiczkowiak, with his background and experience, is just the person to provide such training"

- Jeremy Harmer, ELT Writer and Trainer

"Thanks so much for this course! Illuminating and informative and thought-provoking and the beginning of a long and wide discussion"

- Kateřina Keplová, English teacher from the Czech Republic

"The English teacher's advanced guide to pronunciation teaching has provided me with an insight into how English as a lingua franca is learned and used and how ELF pronunciation models can differ from those that are traditionally taught to ELLs. The online lectures are informative, and the discussion topics and tasks require course participants to consider how ELF pronunciation is relevant to their own teaching and learning situations."

- Martin Cooke, English teacher in Taiwan

"First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to you for your genuine passion for teaching and teacher training. I've completed a mini course on English as a Lingua Franca and Teaching Pronunciation. Needless to say, both topics are critical nowadays, taken the English language proliferation in the world. The course met my expectations and needs for it provided me with a balanced blend of theory and practice on Lingua Franca Core and allowed my to share my thoughts and lived experiences regarding such issues as teaching pronunciation and dealing with accents, including my own. Thank you!"

- Kristina Navnyko, English Teacher