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Learn more about the fascinating world of global Englishes an the 'native speaker' debate.

Introducing TEFL Equity Academy

TEFL Equity Academy has been online for a few months now, but ever since I set it up, I felt there was a need for a video introduction. So here it is :) Watch the video below to learn more about why TEFL Equity Academy was set up, what courses are on offer, and how you can benefit from...


Awareness raising for World Englishes and ELF - lesson plan (follow-up class)

[Note from TEFL Equity Academy: this is a follow up lesson plan and is best used together with the first lesson plan, which can be found here. As the final homework task, the students were divided into three groups and each group had to prepare a presentation about the English language and its...


ELTABB workshop review: ELF and the 'native speaker debate - practical classroom ideas for English teachers

When in the end of January 2017 Katerina Lanichkova starteda discussion on the Ning ‘NEST VS NNEST DEBATE’, I got very excited as soon as I understood what NEST stood for. At that time I was trying to get started as an ESL teacher in Berlin and felt the pressure of being a ‘non-native speaker’....


Awareness raising for World Englishes and ELF - lesson plan (part 1)

Level Upper intermediate to advanced Aim/s of the Lesson Developing awareness of ELF, World Englishes, and the way English is used worldwide Class Time (in minutes) 90 minutes to 2 hours, plus homework research time if using the project activity Resources Needed Whiteboard and...


What on elf is an ELF?

I was thinking the other day back to when I came across the term ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) for the first time. It was back in 2013, I think. And do you know what? I literally thought it had something to do with, well... ...an ELF! And Santa Claus and delivering presents. Honestly,...


Are 'native speakers' better at teaching pronunciation?

This is a very frequent assumption that I've heard on numerous occasions from teachers, students and recruiters: 'native speakers' are better at teaching pronunciation. Whenever you start discussing the 'native speaker' fallacy, this argument is bound to come up. You know, 'native speakers'...